Museum Memory and Tolerance (Mexico City)

The Museum Memory and Tolerance (Museo Memoria y Tolerancia) seeks to spread respect for diversity based on the historical memory of the genocide. The exhibitions makes use of Holocaust and multimedia presentations. It is located in the Historical Center of Mexico City, at Juarez Plaza.

It has the following exhibitions:

1. Memory
Permanent exhibition illustrating the genocides of the twentieth century and nineteenth

Permanent exhibition invites you to recognize, respect and value diversity.

3. Temporary exhibitions
Living with any samples that seek to deepen respect and rights issues such as gender, sexuality, violence.

4. Children's room, education center and library

He named Panwapa island dedicated to children is a recreational room with supervision of a guide conducts activities designed to Sesame Street , in tune with the values f the museum. Also, the museum offers a continuing series of lectures, debates, reading circles, lectures, and workshops. It has a public audiovisual library materials, serial and library.



Last update: 28.10.2016