Museo del Duomo (Milan)

Museo del Duomo (Duomo Museum) is the museum of Milan’s striking cathedral and relates to and reveals its history and art, as well as the activity of the “Veneranda Fabbrica” (Venerable Factory). The Factory was established in 1387, by Gian Galeazzo Vis­conti, with the aim to design, build and preserve the Milanese cathedral, an activity that is still on-going today.

The Duomo Museum was inaugurated in 1953 and houses around 200 pieces, including statues, tapestries, overhangs, terracotta models, graphics materials, paintings, wooden models and stained-glass windows. Following an extensive period of restoration, the museum was re-opened in October 2013.

The museum is not located inside the Duomo itself but in a separate building facing the Duomo, next to the Palazzo Reale.


Last update 28.02.2016