Freedom Park Pretoria

The Freedom Park is situated on Salvokop in Pretoria.

Map of the Freedom Park.

The park has been divided into different areas that you can visit:
1. Isivivane
This is a spiritual place. It is the symbolic resting place for those who died fighting for freedom and liberation
in South Africa.
2. S'khumbuto
This is the major memorial and tells of the most important conflicts in South Africa's history. It has many different elements, each with its own symbolism and meaning. The Wall of Names is inscribed with the names of the heroes and heroines who died fighting for humanity and freedom during the major conflicts. The Eternal Flame is for the heroes and heroines who died without their names being recorded. The flame always burns to remind us that there are names that we will never know.  Fre symbolises eternity.

Since 2013 is well open the Freedom Park Museum "//hapo". Its telling a story spanning 3.6 billion years of Southern African history, culture and spirituality. You can park here and walk up the hill to the rest of the Freedom Park.

1. //hapo - Freedom Park Museum

2. Freedom Park


Last update: 08.06.2014