Museo del Duomo, Milan

Museo del Duomo (Duomo Museum) is the museum of Milan’s striking cathedral and relates to and reveals its history and art, as well as the activity of the “Veneranda Fabbrica”. The Factory was established in 1387, by Gian Galeazzo Vis­conti, with the aim to design, build and preserve the Milanese cathedral, an activity that is still on-going today.

Madonna and Christ Child with Angels, Altar statues, 14th century.

God the Father, Beltramino de Zutti, 1416-1425.

Zoomorphic gargoyle, sculpture working for the Fabbrica del Duomo, End of 14th century. Spout for draining off rain water.

Stained glass windows with details of the cruzification.

Eve. Giovan Angelo Marini, 1563-1565. Candoglia marble.