Mitla and Lambityeco (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Close to Oaxaca wit the most known Monte Alban are other historical sites like MItla and Lambityeco. Here some pictures:

The church group also contains the main temple, called the yohopàe, which translates to “house of the vital force.” This temple faces a large courtyard.

Walls everywhere in this building are covered by intricate mosaic fretwork and murals depicting mythological scenes and characters.

The portal to the temple is flanked by two large columns, which leads into an antechamber. This antechamber once had a roof, supported by six columns, but only the columns and walls remain.

The Cocijo image seen in Lambityeco, wears a mask that covers almost all the face; the eyes are framed with a type of goggle.

Relief of Tomb 1 Lintel of Structure 195. Lambityeco, Oaxaca.