Additional Pictures for Templo Mayor Museum

Skull Mask, funerary offering. Templo Mayor Museum, Mexico City.

Templo Mayor Project. Most of the archaeological works performed in Mexico City's downtown had only been salvages provoked by accidental findings. Nevertheless, from 1978 on, the  Templo Mayor Project has worked on systematic excavations guided by an investigation and work plan. Up to date, six work seasons have been completed and the most recent one, the seventh, began on March 2007.

The Bat God and the God Xipe Totec, Templo Mayor Museum, Mexico City.

Mictlantecuhtli (God of Death), Templo Mayor Museum, Mexico City.

Fragments of a Tlaloc Brazier. This polychrome brazier originally formed part of the Templo Mayor base. It shows Tlaloc's face with his typical paper headdress crowned with feathers, as well as some symbols related with fire such as the xiuhtototl ("turquoise bird"), located on his forehead.

Disk depicting a dismembered Coyolxauhqui which was found during construction in 1978 in Mexico City. Its discovery led to the excavation of the Templo Mayor.

Earth goddess Tlaltecuhtli, found 2006 located at the foot of the steps of the Great Temple. The monolith, despite being broken into four main parts, is preserved in excellent condition with a human face, clawed hands and feet, and labouring position. Templo Mayor Museum, Mexico City.