Tetitla and Atetelco (Teotihuacan)

There are numerous housing complexes located around the ceremonial center of Teotihuacan. Visitors can get access to Tetitla and Atetelco close to Gate 1. The admission is free with a ticket from Teotihuacan. Both places have great murals and give an impression of the temple and housing structures. Highly recommended!

Murals with eagles in Tetitla.

Murals with felines bearing feather headdress in Tetitla.

Courtyard at Tetitla with a small altar in the middle and temples around. 

Patio Blanco in Atetelco. It has a central courtyard and is clearly marked off by tree temples. The walls of these temples have been almost entirely reconstructed in order to preserve the murals painted on them.

Murals in Atetelco.

View into one of the temples with murals in Atetelco.