Anahuacalli Museum

Entrance to the museum.

Entrance to the museum.

The Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli or simply Anahuacalli Museum is a museum located in Coyoacán, in the south of Mexico City.

The unique museum was conceived and created by muralist Diego Rivera, who, motivated by his own interest in Mexican culture, collected near 60,000 pre-Hispanic pieces during his life and projected a building to place and exhibit them. It was completed after his death by architects Juan O'Gorman and Heriberto Pagelson and Rivera's own daughter, Ruth. Built of black volcanic stone, it takes the form of a pyramid. The museum articles are collected from almost every indigenous civilisation in Mexico's history.

The word Anahuacalli literally means "house around of water" in Nahuatl.

1. The Anahuacalli Museum

2. Exhibition Exhibition "El hombre en la encrucijada" (Man at the Crossroads)


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